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MELC selected by Cabo

Everyone will understand, that a good cup of coffee in the morning is highly appreciated by the Cabo - Team. This is how we got in touch with MELC COFFEE. MELC - short for Manage Every Little Cup selects the best coffee from different parts of the world and then works together with one of the best coffee roasters in Amsterdam to create beautiful blends. All blends are designed to connect people with different standards and make them agree on this one "little" thing. That they are having a cup of supergood, tasty coffee.


Together with Cabo, MELC created a blend, that inherits the taste of Cabo Verde. A taste, that is fruitful in the mouth, comes with a subtle cream and an invigorating body. MELC selected by Cabo  - another cup, please! 


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ELEWA Essential oils

Our skin is literally our first and most important outfit. That is why we in the Cabo-Team are absolutely obsessed with the (in every sense of the word) supernatural products by ELEWA


ELEWA Natural is a series of skin care products that are being produced in Germany and the USA. 

The main ingredients are African essential oils known for their rejuvenating properties.  

All products are being produced with utmost respect towards nature and all who contribute to it. ELEWA Natural oils are certified organic, vegan, animal cruelty free.



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