„CABO by MILKA? That’s African Successful chic!" Milka Loff Fer­nan­des


CABO by MILKA is a small serial pro­duc­tion.



Color­ful afri­can Wax­print fabrics meet strai­ght­for­ward designs. This way our look suit every woman per­fectly – no mat­ter her age or color.


To us high qua­lity is key. This is why we pro­duce all of our sty­les in a long-standing, family-owned com­panies.

Every sin­gle piece is HAND MADE and LIMITED IN EDITION.

CABO by MILKA was foun­ded in 2012 by Milka Loff Fer­n­an­des and her partners. Milka was born and rai­sed in Ger­many as the daugh­ter of Cape Ver­dean immi­grants and is a well known and highly suc­cess­ful TV-host.

The one word which descri­bes our brand best is „criolu“. On Cape Verde islands this word is not only the term for the local lan­guage, it also stands for the natio­nal iden­tity and cul­ture of the Cape­ver­dean people. „Criolu“ means mix­ture. Cape Verde is a place, where Euro­pean influ­en­ces and inclu­en­ces from all over the world mix with Afri­can tra­di­ti­ons.

Milka Loff Fer­nan­des repres­ents this mix per­fectly. She is as „criolu“ as it can get and she loves it. To her this means to enjoy having a bit of ever­y­thing and making this mix its­elf to be a dis­tinc­tive fea­ture.

With CABO by MILKA she tries to share this joy of being by wea­ving it into her sty­les.

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